A Calculated Retreat to Mississauga from Toronto’s Ice Storm

There was a big ice storm last night that has been doing damage all over Toronto. If the reports are to be believed 500,000 people are without power currently because of it. We were told to be prepared for a long outage, but when it’s winter and the temperatures are set to go below freezing, staying in my basement apartment just wasn’t an option.

Instead, Ruka and I came to Mississauga and are currently nestled in at my Mom’s house. There wasn’t even a flicker in the power here and even though the house is drafty, it’s better than a cold basement. Everything looked a bit like a winter wonderland when I stepped outside this morning. Trees were frozen solid, as were all the cars on the street. People were trying to break up the ice as best they could with shovels. The house that I live in is just on the edge of a power grid so two houses down, they had power, but my neighbours and I were without any power.

Across the city there was more damage due to fallen branches, cars getting in accidents and the like, but the most worrying thing is really the power outages. We’ve been told that it could be anywhere from a day to seven days until full power is restored and that’s going to cause a lot of problems since the temperature is due to drop again come Monday. Apparently they’re going to be focusing on the two major hospitals in the city which are running on generators and the water treatment plant in the city.

Still, I’ve got my cat with me and I’ve been told that I still need to go into work.

The best part about all this aside from the surreal looking ice wonderland that we’ve found ourselves in is the fact that even though people are inconvenienced, they don’t seem all that bothered. There are no reports of panic. Just people shrugging their shoulders and going “Well this blows” before going on with their business. When I was outside today, even with the sidewalks completely iced over there were still people walking (or more sliding) around on them. Everyone’s just going a little bit slower and trying to make sure that they get on with their day despite the panicky feeling that reading some of the newspapers gives off.

Maybe it was just in my neighbourhood that not too many people were worried, but we’re trundling on regardless.