The Possibility of My First Tattoo

Things are still definitely still rocky, but there was a random moment last night where I got incredibly excited even though the reason for it would probably make most people roll their eyes. I've been wanting a tattoo for the longest time, but I could never think of anything that I would get for it. Read more [...]

The Walking Dead Take Over Union Station

The Walking Dead are taking over Toronto. I won't be able to go, but I was told that there will be walkers going to Union Station this evening in order to celebrate the return of the television show. For those of you who do not watch the Walking Dead, shame on you. It's a great show and while at Read more [...]

I’m reluctantly leaving you. Make it work!

Alright, alright. I'll admit it. I'm a junkie. I am in love with Project Runway. There's just something about it that I'm in love with. It's on the same level as Extreme Home Makeover where you get to see them build something original and artsy from scratch, but I like project runway more. Although Read more [...]