Novels that will punch you right in the feels

I was thinking about it last night when I really should have been sleeping and tried to figure out what kind of books I would recommend to people if they asked. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to keep the list short. There are so many books out there and a lot of the ones I left off the Read more [...]

Let Me Explain to You A Thing

In light of a discussion that I had with a co-worker recently about feminism, I have been paying a lot more attention. Now there are a lot of nice guys who like women, believe in equality for women, but either see feminism as outdated or as something which only the most strident of females believe in Read more [...]

Vacations Are Harder Than I Thought

It's been a very hectic week. I never thought that vacations could be so much work. With the packing, unpacking because I forgot to put in underwear and pants and then packing again, plus all the work and getting sick... Well, it's been a lot. I was going to write this huge long entry about Cuba and Read more [...]

The Possibility of My First Tattoo

Things are still definitely still rocky, but there was a random moment last night where I got incredibly excited even though the reason for it would probably make most people roll their eyes. I've been wanting a tattoo for the longest time, but I could never think of anything that I would get for it. Read more [...]