Insert Title Here That Is Not “To Write Or Not To Write?”

I really wanted to think of a way that I could make this blog less about me and more about a theme. The reason? I have been reading the fantastic the StephNotStephanie and I am jealous of her awesome. While I would have absolutely zero to contribute to the Online Dating scene, there has to be things that I could talk about, right?

It would either be Video Games or Writing, but I’ve found that they don’t mix well. At least not when I’m trying to get a coherent focus going. Writing then. It was suggested that I start going to meet-ups to meet new people and find ways to get more into the writing scene, but everything is far too busy for that right now.

Still, I’m finally getting chances to do some good copywriting, blogging, and novel writing so I should at least have something to work on.

When it comes to writing, it’s harder to talk about than Video Games. I love Video Games, but writing is an all out passion for me that makes me feel exposed when I talk about it. It may be that everybody who can read thinks they can write (and I have seen some truly horrible examples of the medium), or that people don’t understand the amount of time that needs to be put into writing in order to get better at it. When it comes to blog writing, I’ve been pretty lax about it, and that’s a goal that I want to change.

Think about it this way, I want to be able to make it so I can one day make a living completely off of my writing, but my blog (which would show case my writing) is both unpolished and unfocused. It’s not the best impression to leave for a potential client and not writing about a focused topic makes it impossible for my blog to show up in search unless someone Googles my name exactly.

So, writing. Once I sit down and think about it, I’ll have more to say about the topic, but for now I’ll just rip off Maze Runner and say:

“WRITING is good.”