Late to the Party

So it’s been a while. The site has gone through a couple iterations including a switch to Squarespace where I blogged a bit, but was silly enough to not save copies when I switched back to wordpress. Oops. My bad.

Anyway, catch up time!

So for some quick bullet points as to where I’ve been, here are the things that have happened within the past year:

1) Went to Japan
2) Turned 30
3) Quit smoking
4) Switched companies
5) Adopted a second cat (and then had to return said cat)
6) Started my own sole proprietorship
7) Started doing book blogging on the side
8) Moved apartments

And the list goes on. So there’s a lot of things that have changed and I’m honestly not sure where to start with updates about any of them beyond what I’ve already listed. After all, these all happened some time ago for me, so they’re normal now. This is my life.

Even though I miss smoking a ton. Yes, I know it’s better for me, don’t get on my case, but I really miss the feeling of being able to sit out and relax outside. Although thinking about it, maybe this would be better if I drank alcohol.

Either way! There are going to be some changes coming to this blog. One, it’s not going to be super personal any more. Oh, there will be personal updates on here, but that’s not going to be the core of it. I’ve realized that I don’t like writing personal things. Personal opinions? Sure. But when it comes to talking about what’s going on in my life on the internet? I can leave that to my private social media channels, thanks.

I’m going to start talking more about the stuff that I like. I know, I know, that sounds obvious, but it’s actually a big step for me. So if I want to talk about the crazy things that actors do or the perils of self-publishing or how there’s a jargon problem in digital marketing… then that’s what I’m going to do. I’m also not going to try to adopt a certain tone like I did before. Listen, everyone wants to sound professional, but that’s not really what we’re here for. I’m not going to be vulgar and dropping f-bombs left right and center (since this is what comes up when my name is Googled), but I’m not going to restrict the way I write, either.

This blog will now sound similar to the way I talk minus the long pauses and the million or so times I lose my train of thought.

Cool? Cool.

I’m so psyched.