New Beginnings for the End of the Year

So today I was dragged into my boss’ office and immediately my thoughts go to being fired. I don’t know why it always goes that way, but it seems better to be worried and prepared than over confident and just waiting for someone to kick me in my ass. I shouldn’t have worried though, there was nothing that he had to say that was bad. In fact, I was given a promotion.

Goodbye customer service and hello Digital Marketing department!

This means that I’m going to be doing something that’s more in line with what I want to be doing for a career and it will not only give me a bunch of experience, but they’re going to train me on their various platforms. I’m going to be doing more coordination work than copywriting work, but I can handle that and I’m honestly just excited for the chance. It almost feels like the ten months I put in working sixty hours a week is going to be worth it although a part of me wonders what I’m going to be doing when I’m only working 40 hours a week. How do people only work 40 hours a week?

I’ll probably end up putting my time into more writing projects and hopefully if I end up getting a raise after all of this, I’ll be able to put some money aside for the inevitable editing fees that have been looming over me all this time.

Still this is amazing and I’ve had this huge smile on my face all day. It is almost like Christmas has come early.

This means no more dealing with customers. No more trying to explain to them what a web browser is. No more people who just don’t seem to get it OR WHO TYPE ALL IN CAPS IN ORDER TO MAKE THEMSELVES SOUND MORE IMPORTANT. It’s not the angry customers that wear me out any longer, but the ones who aren’t as quick to grasp the concepts or the ones who decide to be greedy and demand refunds for something that they’ve already used in its entirety.

Oh well. That’s almost all over now. As soon as they find someone to take my place, I’ll be moving over to work in Digital Marketing.


It is definitely time for me to do some brushing up on my marketing skills.