My Devotion to the Cult of Overwork

I don't know what it is, but for some reason I'm just exhausted lately. All of the things that I can normally do has just become so tough and I've watched helplessly as my mood spirals downward. I feel sometimes like I'm clinging to a precipice and there's so little that I can do to pull myself up. People Read more [...]

11 Guidelines for Vacationing in Cuba

I was supposed to work the night shift tonight, but I got mixed up and woke up far too early. I'm going to blame the bronchitis for the mix up (whether it's fair to the bronchitis or not) and do a little bit of housekeeping. Cuba was amazing. I don't know if any of you have ever been, but I would Read more [...]

Vacations Are Harder Than I Thought

It's been a very hectic week. I never thought that vacations could be so much work. With the packing, unpacking because I forgot to put in underwear and pants and then packing again, plus all the work and getting sick... Well, it's been a lot. I was going to write this huge long entry about Cuba and Read more [...]

Daylight Saving Time Sucks

Today was filled with preparations for me going to Cuba and me mourning the loss of my hour. I've never really understood Daylight Saving Time. I could understand it more when there wasn't the electric lights everywhere and when daylight was essential to do anything, but I find that now it just gets Read more [...]

What Doesn’t Kill You…

Today I was offered a great opportunity. One which I admit I was initially dubious to receive. It is one of those opportunities that sounds fantastic on paper, but when put into a real world situation the true stresses of the deal become apparent. Basically I have signed on to work another twenty hours Read more [...]

The Possibility of My First Tattoo

Things are still definitely still rocky, but there was a random moment last night where I got incredibly excited even though the reason for it would probably make most people roll their eyes. I've been wanting a tattoo for the longest time, but I could never think of anything that I would get for it. Read more [...]

A Few Words on Writing and Deadlines

I was asked a question the other day that I didn't have an answer to. I was asked if I ever wrote just for pleasure without a deadline as I always set really strict deadlines for myself even when I'm writing my own projects. The truth of the matter is that I don't really write without a deadline any Read more [...]