Pre-Nanowrimo 2013 Jitters

12 playlists, 700+ songs, 5 main characters, 7000+ words in wiki-esque write ups for the characters, a concept board and a plot board yet I still don’t feel like I’m ready. There’s this nervousness building in my stomach that I can’t deny and yet I want to start. I want to start right now.

I’m talking, of course, about Nanowrimo. After my first few hopeless attempts at Nanowrimo I learned that planning is the key to everything. Some people can wing it and just write without needing to think of it at all, but I’m not that type of person. While I don’t need every detail thought out, I at the very least need an outline.

I thought that this nervousness would end eventually, but it hasn’t even lessened. To think about putting all this work into planning that might not work out is frightening and I don’t know if other people who do Nanowrimo think this, but there’s also a fear that I’m going to sit down then have complete writer’s block. This will be my sixth Nanowrimo that I’m participating in and if you count Camp Nanowrimo, it will be the fifth novel I’ve written during Nanowrimo.

alchemists writing quote

It’s amazing to think about when you look at the word counts that people rack up and even the people who don’t “win”, I’m glad that they try.

The past couple weeks I have been on a pre-Nanowrimo high. I want everything to be just perfect, I’ve made sure that I have enough music to write to and that my ideas are fleshed out. I’ve got five main characters that I’m already in love with and that I hope people will fall in love with too.

After all, the end goal is to share your writing with people, isn’t it? Mine always has been.

I’m rambling and trying to quiet my mind so I can get some sleep. I decided that I was going to do three days worth of blog writing work in one day so I could focus completely on Nanowrimo for tomorrow and the next day.

It’s almost November! Are you ready?

I feel like I’m about to go out of my mind, but for the first time I’m happy about it. That excitement about writing a novel or plotting out something fantastic just really can’t be mimicked.