Sleep Perchance to Have Really Messed Up Dreams

I’ve been sick since last night and only just realized (thanks to the help of Loreto) that I was probably giving myself food poisoning. After a good amount of time communing with the toilet bowl I’ve pretty much been told to take it easy. I don’t think I’m going to leave work, but I’m also not expected to do too much work which is nice, I suppose. I’ll just drink a bunch of chamomile tea (also courtesy of m’lovely lady boss, Loreto) and if I feel too sick, I’ll be allowed to go home.

I feel kind of bad though for not putting in my writing hours last night though. It means that Anthony had to scramble today to find something to post so no matter how bad I feel tonight, those are getting done.

Aside from that, I was thinking about something that I saw the other day. There is a claim that some of the Romantic poets like Byron and Keats would eat spoiled meat to have strange dreams. If that’s the case, then that would explain why my dream last night was not only intense, but very strange. It was like watching something play out like a movie, but there was a queer feeling of isolation on all sides. I was part of a resistance of sorts fighting against an enemy and in my attempts to fight them, I accidentally shot a small child in the head.


It’s almost comforting to think that perhaps I can just blame that on the bad meat and not delve deeper into my psyche to see why I’m dreaming of such things.

I know the resistance aspect is from a wiki of a world I’m trying to put together called Issana which is meant to be both beautiful and horrifying at the same time with the world swathed in shades of grey rather than an evil empire versus the plucky resistance (à la Star Wars). The idea is that I would put the world together and that other people could contribute characters, ideas, technology writings and stories about the world, but I’m trying to figure out how to first create a password protected wiki and then how to recruit people who can put up with my ramblings about the topic.

Also, for those of you who are looking for some nightmarish inspiration and don’t want to eat bad meat, I highly suggest this collection of photographs.