Late to the Party

So it's been a while. The site has gone through a couple iterations including a switch to Squarespace where I blogged a bit, but was silly enough to not save copies when I switched back to wordpress. Oops. My bad. Anyway, catch up time! So for some quick bullet points as to where I've been, Read more [...]

On with the show

The last entry that I wrote is mocking me. The entry that said I was going to write more and was finally going to get serious about this blog is just sitting there, waving its hands in the air so it's impossible for me to miss. Jerk. I want to blame it on the whirlwind summer, and while this summer Read more [...]

New Beginnings for the End of the Year

So today I was dragged into my boss' office and immediately my thoughts go to being fired. I don't know why it always goes that way, but it seems better to be worried and prepared than over confident and just waiting for someone to kick me in my ass. I shouldn't have worried though, there was nothing Read more [...]

What Doesn’t Kill You…

Today I was offered a great opportunity. One which I admit I was initially dubious to receive. It is one of those opportunities that sounds fantastic on paper, but when put into a real world situation the true stresses of the deal become apparent. Basically I have signed on to work another twenty hours Read more [...]

Expectations vs. Reality

Today was both exciting and disappointing. I had a bit of a reality check, but there are a lot of opportunities that will come from this. I've got some good people in my life though and I'll weather it, but my expectations were too high and I got the wind taken out of my sails. I still have a lot Read more [...]