Late to the Party

So it's been a while. The site has gone through a couple iterations including a switch to Squarespace where I blogged a bit, but was silly enough to not save copies when I switched back to wordpress. Oops. My bad. Anyway, catch up time! So for some quick bullet points as to where I've been, Read more [...]

On with the show

The last entry that I wrote is mocking me. The entry that said I was going to write more and was finally going to get serious about this blog is just sitting there, waving its hands in the air so it's impossible for me to miss. Jerk. I want to blame it on the whirlwind summer, and while this summer Read more [...]

Happy Alentine’s Ay

It was Valentine’s Day! Honestly, I almost completely forgot about it. Even when I was in a relationship, it wasn’t a day that I really cared about. Just another day, but I wanted to take a moment to stop and reflect about the people in my life. While I’m definitely not romantically connected Read more [...]

New Beginnings for the End of the Year

So today I was dragged into my boss' office and immediately my thoughts go to being fired. I don't know why it always goes that way, but it seems better to be worried and prepared than over confident and just waiting for someone to kick me in my ass. I shouldn't have worried though, there was nothing Read more [...]

My Devotion to the Cult of Overwork

I don't know what it is, but for some reason I'm just exhausted lately. All of the things that I can normally do has just become so tough and I've watched helplessly as my mood spirals downward. I feel sometimes like I'm clinging to a precipice and there's so little that I can do to pull myself up. People Read more [...]

What Doesn’t Kill You…

Today I was offered a great opportunity. One which I admit I was initially dubious to receive. It is one of those opportunities that sounds fantastic on paper, but when put into a real world situation the true stresses of the deal become apparent. Basically I have signed on to work another twenty hours Read more [...]

The Walking Dead Take Over Union Station

The Walking Dead are taking over Toronto. I won't be able to go, but I was told that there will be walkers going to Union Station this evening in order to celebrate the return of the television show. For those of you who do not watch the Walking Dead, shame on you. It's a great show and while at Read more [...]

Ermagerd, It’s An Internet!

Today I was given the chance to work on a very short project for the majority of the afternoon. It was hectic, frantic and had a ridiculous deadline, but I loved it. I don't know about ghost writing novels, but when it comes to writing corporate information packets or things related to the business as Read more [...]

Working Hard Doesn’t Mean Hardly Working

It seems like most people are stuck in a rut these days. I hear complaints almost daily about how it is hard for people to pull themselves out of whatever hole they've found themselves in. While I can empathize, I always get a little annoyed when people complain about their situation and then say there Read more [...]