The Possibility of My First Tattoo

Things are still definitely still rocky, but there was a random moment last night where I got incredibly excited even though the reason for it would probably make most people roll their eyes. I’ve been wanting a tattoo for the longest time, but I could never think of anything that I would get for it. Yesterday though I finally found something that I would want to have tattooed on my body. I wanted it something small and on my wrist, but I was talked out of it pretty quickly since it would hurt more there and I would have to make the symbol smaller.

I think in the end, I’d want to get a sentence in Gallifreyan tattooed somewhere on my shoulder. There was one I saw that was absolutely beautiful, but I wanted to check and see if it’s right before I get it tattooed.


It reads: We’re all stories in the end.

It would be such a geeky tattoo, but I have no problem with that. It’s not obviously something which is from Doctor Who, particularly since it was an alphabet created by the fans and isn’t official. So if I fell out of love with Doctor Who, I could still just have a cool symbol and a sentence which I agree with.

Getting excited about the tattoo was a brief island of pseudo normality for the week. Now I’m back to where I was before, but it was nice and once I can figure out how to learn some more Gallifreyan, I’ll be able to check it. No sense in getting something marked permanently on my body without a quick check.